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The Subterranean City

An Extract from Dante Franch´s book
"Extraterrestrial Contact "
Chapter III



The Valley of ERKS

Although the knowledge concerning to the lights, wich cut through the sky of Capilla del Monte dates from several centuries previously, it doesnit exist the under standing about what are, in fact, these blazing spheres, which became famous this zone, and specially (Quebrada de la Luna) Woon ´s Ravine, as well as (Valle de las Luces Cósmicas) Valley of the Cosmic Lights, or (Valle de los Espíritus) Valley of the Spirits.

What one could be there, were connected with the spirits of the Tribe ´s Chiefs, "shamans" and ordinary captains or "Cosmic Beings", who cut trough the skies from a hill to another one, in an "spiritual "dance of lights and energies" When one named the city of ERKS and its lights, it was connected with an spiritualist point of view, as if those lights, that one could see, would be the spirits of the ancient inhabitants of those valleys, who came from the hills.

The lights were also named "Bad Light", but generally these phenomenos were not considered as conneted with the Ufos some time passed also, until the Grest Brothers themselves gave me information about those brights spheres.

It was evident that in some cases they were not Flying Saucers, as some of them had about 30 centimeter of diameter. During 1985, by my self, I named these spheres with the acronym E.C.I. which mean "Energias Cósmicas Inteligentes" (Intelligent Cosmic Energies). They are "universals" kinds of life, not Humans, is the very essence of life in the Universe. They live in whole (x) Cosmos and can be materials or inmaterials, for our present notion about matter (x) and energy.

Sometimes, one can observe the so called "Caneplas", which are monitor spheres, which have the purpose of observing different persons or contact groups. They are as video cameras which film all we do and think. They also tune to our spiritual field, aura and energy.

These caneplas have the aim (x) of following an observing the "Contact" groups, but they are also used for monitoring the shape structuring field in determined human - beings, which is made micro second to micro second, by codifying (x) the matter computer, which keeps united an structure, in this case the human one.

During the approaching process it is essential the use of the "caneplas" and in a near future the will be used for transfering human - beings to determined places of protection, of which I will give more information in my next books.


One calls so the subterranean city wich is placed under and behind the Uritorco Hill, in the city of Capilla del Monte (Córdoba). I name it so also in order to agree wich others who name it in the same manner for avoiding confusions but, in fact, I could mention it another name , or perhaps(x) this subterranean city, for those who live in it mean (x) only a number, a code, or an energy, but for us and for unifying, it is called ERKS, which mean (x): "Encuentro Permanentes Cósmicos Siderales " (Astral Cosmic Remainings Meeting.

Destinity allowed me to contact the inhabitants of this subterranean city, as well as with another ones of other subterranean cities of Argentina and Uruguay, Paraguay, Brasil, Colombia. Also I could photograph an old man of the "White Brotherhood (x) of Erks".

I like the name ERKS, but this city already (x) existed 1000 years ago and I am sure that the inhabitants of this zone, who observed the creatures and their airships called this subterranean city with another name.

For example, one name with wich it was known (x), in ancient times is "Subterranean City of UR", in fact it isn´t important the name one give it, but what concerns is to knowledge(x) that this subterranean city exists an is placed at an average of 500 metres deep, according to telepathic transmissions which I have received.

Once, something very curious happened to me, in the dock (x) "Los Alazanes", where I was led to a very special energetic point exists a dimensional door, which transfers to the subterranean city and is also connected with Capilla del Monte, I name the dock(x) in ganeric form, without specifying the very exact place, even though yet knowing where to go, someone might search for that place during months and no to find it, as one can only arrive there if one is guided by the Old Men themselves, or if they disconnect the camouflage and prevention systems against the access of intruders.

I arrive there, because I am guided till that place, one time during a planned contact, I was camping in the dock "Los Alazanes", with a FUPEC member of that time, an suddenly, we see that something like a rectangle of light is opening on a side of the hill.

On that moment, we began to listen the sounds of Capilla del Monte, people speaking, a news-stand possibly on the pedestrian (x) crossing and a motorbike.
The question is that we listened all that, as if we were there. It was incredible, because we were about 10 kilometres far from Capilla.

Then, we ask if we might enter and, at that moment they transmitted to us that we might(x) no do (x) that as the preparation for doing it, was a very slow one, but when we were ready, that door will be opened for us to enter, mean while (x) we could only observe its existence.

One year later and, in another contact, also in the dock, I wanted to lead a group of people to that same place, but I was stunned by then. I went with the group (about 7 or 8 people) and ¡Pay attention! that they we not anybody people, as we differ perhaps from another core, that they we, as are enough cautions with the people we lead, I as we do not behave openly, that is to say that we do not announce (x) in newspapers for coming to Capilla del Monte; we come with groups already (x) ready to go who, in many cases, are working together even during years.

I have been guided to places, which nobody knows, except me, as I want that the day somebody arrives there, the Great Brothers lead them to that place and no myself. The question is that when(x) I am arriving to that specific point I lose the sense of location, and I just recover me when I had crossed it. I wanted to come back to find it and I could not do it.


On other occasion I could enter, having been transfered to the Alfa Hill in San Marcos Sierra, it was a different case, I was called to this hill for an spiritual working day. We were about 20 people with various degrees of training, each one arrived there by their own means.Then, on a certain moment, it generated something like a mist around all of us that were there and I saw an appeareance, in front of the place we were, in a clearing and against a slope of the hill opposite us, shapes of creatures with tunics.

Then, I begin to relax me and I try to enter in a meditation state, I softly half-closed my eyes and while I go on seeing the creatures, I feel that my body is transfered and I suddenly see me within a kind of very bright colour bell; from there through a window in the front part, I see Capilla del Monte, but not at present.

I saw already appear the city when the airship turned round from behind the Colchaqui hill, crossing over the Uritorco&rsquos south part, Piedra del Aguila or Aguila Blanca. There one might already observe white roof houses all the same, which were built in a very similar and harmonious way, which made that Capilla had several times the present size, but as I explained before, it had not the structure that we can see now.

They were symmetrical and similar houses, built like into rings, in the village&rsquos outskirts. The airship goes ahead, making a bend and a run northerly, as making its way to Chabonier, but before arriving there, at the point of Pajarillo, it turns round to the right and passes across Quebrada de la Luna, and one can see Pajarillo, with cultivated gradients outside, staircase-shaped like Incas made it in Machu Pichu, to cultivate the ground.

Then, before arriving to Ongamira it turns around and goes on towards the back part of the Uritorco and enters into a hole downwards an hangar, which was placed in the center of a very high and wide dome, being about 500 metres deep, in which I observe like channels ½ metre wide. One could not determine the deep and the wide of the flat part with separated channels, was some two or at most three metres wide. It had a plain surface and looked like a very smooth cement of brownish grey colour.

(1) Hangar of the subterranean base
(2) Separation channels
(3) Base floor

The airship descends there and I see, when I get off of it, the two creatures who were beside me, but I had not been able to properly observe their features. There, on one side I see several airships similars to the one which transfered me till there, they were about 4 metres long and 2 metres hight and were not ovoid-shaped, but they looked like a sort of flattened bell. The creatures who were beside me going with me, were about 1,80 to 1,90 metres tall and had a brownish uniform with Mao-style collar.

We walked along the hangar and arrived to a point where we meet an old man, who seems very very old, his hands were big and venous and they were resting on a kind of throne or armchair, where he was sitting down. I reckon that the old man was more or less, three metres tall, because as he was sitting, his knees were nearly at the height of my chest.

His head was enough bigger than ours, his eyes were big and a little slanting, his white hair long down to the shoulders. He dressed a white tunic. His face strikes by its hardness, strength and goodness. That face which also irradiates “LOVE” was really a shocking one (when I described this to Juan Lobacheski, already deceased, he embraced me and began to cry, saying that I would follow ahead with tha contact and explains me that he had already been transfered there also, long ago and that he could also see the old man of ERKS).

This was not the only experience in ERKS, but it was the most shocking to me, since there I see how the old man, who was sitting down in a throne, takes out a roll (like a parchment) that he had at the height of the chest into the tunic. He shows it to me, but he do not let me to read or to touch it, because this was symbolical.

This drawing describes the shape of the airship which transfers Dante Franch from San Marcos Sierra to the subterranean city of ERKS. Several of these airships are then observed by Dante in the hangar of the base.

He, in no moment, speaks to me; he only moves his right hand, takes out the roll, opens and observe it and then closes and passes it to another old man, who was standing on the right of him (dressed in white tunic and was about two metres tall) this one passes it to another, and this to another one, until it reach to one of them, who was standing as in a hole of the rock, which overlooked an open and more luminous space.

This old man looks at me and I feel that I stand up and can observe through this hole, where I see thousands and thousands of people, to whom the old man read the parchment, but I can&rsquot listen what he says. The people who were there look at me and I feel that they were part of who had saved themselves from the great tribulation and were protected there in “The subterranean city of Erks”.

When I picked up this, I inmediately feel that I descend and, as if I would lose consciousness, I remember as one film of quick scenes, where I am put back to the same place from which I had been taken, with the proviso that had hardly passed 1 hour, from the moment of the departure. The people who stayed there were so ked, as they were all the time in a torrential rainfall. But the odd thing is that when I was moving away from that place, at the few steps, I realized that I was completely dry. Finally, it is important to know that the city of ERKS is a physical one, but it does not mean that anyone may look for a door and enter, since of they do not generate the energy vortex which open the tunnels or the vectores for coming in or out, one can enter.


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