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Extraterrestrial Races

¡Contacts are Real!



1º) Begins coming from Pleiades System, "Maya Start", who elevate Dante Franch from his house in January 28 th 1980.

2º) Five luminous being at 17 route in "Quebrada de la Luna" - Capilla del Monte - Córdoba - Argentina. We are allowed to aproximate until 4 mts.

3º) Christic being, who descends from a luminous oval in the nine contact. Cerro Pajarillo - Capilla del Monte - Córdoba - Argentina.- Febrary, 1987.

4º) Intelligent Cosmic Energies (E.C.I.) during a contact in the Auraro Farm - Salto - Uruguay. (which was observed indifferent oportunities). Photograph May, 1987.

5º) Being from Orion Belt, in Aurora Farm (Salto - Uruguay) photo May, 1987.

6º) Being with a young and wonderful face, who looks for Dante Franch in his tent, to elevate him to a Mother Nave. Cerro Pajarillo June, 1987.

7º) Small, bail beings, height: 1,40 mts., into an approach sphere. Contact made in Pajarillo Hill. Photograph June, 1987.

8º) Luminous being observed in a camp near concrete blocks. "Sky camp" - Quebrada de la Luna - Capilla del Monte - Córdoba - Argentina.- July, 1987.

9º) Bald beings with white tunics in Alfa Hill in San Marcos Sierra - Córdoba - Argentina. They generate the Dante Franch transfer to a nave with two beings in Mao Brown Uniforms. When Dante Franch comes into the undergrand city under Uritorco, Dante Franch observes old people in tunics, with long hair and beard. January, 1988.

10º) Being with similar characteristic to the Kappas from Japan are observed in "Los Alazanes Dike". Capilla del Monte, August, 1988.

11º) A being in Ipacarai Lake, before he is raised in a nave wich comes to looks for him. November, 1988.

12º) A being with hermetic heary clothes (in shelter), this being wears diving suit and he is got a resounding breath. Photograph, Febrary 1991.

13º) Beings from the Constellation of the Swan, they wear lighl green barboquejo as a mask to breath basically chlorophyl in 70% per cent. Photograph May 1991 in Pajarillo Hill.

14º) Old man from the underground city in ERKS who belongs to the white fraternity. Photo November, 1991. Quebrada Ashtar - Cerro Pajarillo.

15º) Gñomos in different oportunities. Photo November, 1991 - Quebrada de Ashtar.

16º) Human terrestrial beings, travellers in time. Photo January 1992 - Quebrada de la Ashtar.

17º) Extraterrestrial beings with a higlt evolution. Their bodies vibrate more than 900.000 cycles of atomie movement per second. Photo April, 1992 - Campo del Cielo.

18º) Humanoid category (Batman) photograf taken to 30 mts. of the contact in September 1997 works days.

19º) Intelligent energetic corpuscles (starts) observed in different opportunities. Photo June, 1994 - San Martin de los Andes - Neuquén.

20º) Wiki (like a plush bear) heiglt 30 cm. It is observed in different opportunities. Photo September, 1994 - Campo del Cielo.

21º) Macrocephalic being with diving suit and with his own breath system. This being stay tree days in the base camp. Febrary, 1995.

22º) Macrocephalic being with a long tunic with a golden ribbon in the left side, coming out from the entrance to ERKS. Los Terrones - Quebrada de la Luna. Photo July, 1995.

23º) A being with brown uniforme with Mao neck, height 2 mts. with wide forehead and lengthened eyes. This being was observed in the base camp in repeated opportunities.

24º) Small being heiglt 70 cm. It was photographed her head and diving suit, because he didn´t breath our atmosphere. Febrary, 1997.

25º) Light being photographed during an armonic resonance work in April, 1997.

26º) Being with human appearance photographed between the trees.

27º) Opaque being 1/50 mts high of fast movements observed in field of sky on February of 1998.

Extraterrestial being of high evolution being lifted by a "tractor ray" to a starship and from a dimensional translating door. Foto 4/92. Field of Heaven.

Basic typologies of Intaterrestrial, Extraterrestrial and Terrestrial life observed: ** 27 **

Photographed typologies: ** 16 **

Non - Human categories photographed: ** 4 **

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