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Contact and Extraterrestrial Message

An Extract from Dante Franch´s 8th book
"Messengers from the Cosmos"
Chapter X

From Heaven to Earth!

Greetings  to our friends in planet Earth!

Our presence and purpose is becoming clearer and more precise for a growing number of people withour limited prejudice since in this age:  ALL WILL BE REVELEAD!...
The Eagles ca be counted in millions (enlightened human beings) who await impatiently our physical manifestations en masse throughout the planet.

You have good reason to beleive we are capable of creating what you call miracles, eventhough each or or actions and gestures are according ato a well prepared and determined plan establishe milleniums ago BY GOD!.

I speak on behalf of all representatives, in the Celestial Systems which form part of the Intergalactic Confederation and who are engaged in this mission, to assist the inhabitants of planet Earth.  Your world is now surrounded in different ways by negative forces, and it would be a great relief for you if we could descend, simultaneously in all parts of the Terrestrial Globe, putting an end to the absurd discord, - the wars, the irreconcilable hate that impedes every sincere efort for Peace.  The instructions we receive and our own principles forbid us to intervene with  "YOUR FREE WILL AND EVOLUTION AS A RACE".  If there was a previous agreement of acceptance of intervention, of about 2/3rds of the Earth's population taken by their own free will!, then, yes, we could intervene within "GODS LAW" to guide these "LOST SHEEP WITHIN THE KINGDOM"


Only then, our technological and spiritual knowledge, quite superior to the terrestrial at the present time, could be used to their benefit.
For many years natural resources have been used and experimented in a context of SCIENCE WITHOUT CONSCIENCE! which is highly dangerous since nature reacts in a boomerang action sooner or later.  We have alerted your leaders of the nations, through commander ORTHON, (an Elder Brother proceding from the star RIGEL, whom has been assigned since the year 400 A.D. in your era, and who is at the base of the Confederation in VENUS),  this calling to alert is due to the dangers of experimentation with nuclear energy, since not being able to control in its totality, the release of this energy would be  nearly suicidal.

Half way through the XX century, we alerted the nuclear powers of that time of the need to wait and not continue with nuclear explosions, until terrestrial technology could dominate the aspects of neutrilizing radiation and to autogenerate a process of implosion with the liberated energy.  We refer specifically to the "HYDROGEN AND NUETRONS ATOMIC BOMB", as well as other terrible explosives CHEMICAL WARFARE.  These methods of destruction not only are being fabricated but also they are being tested without any regards as to measuring and evaluating any ecological consequences of contamination.
Where is a person with the moral obligation to resolve to stop these explosions, or to reduce their effects to zero?  Such person does not yet exist on planet Earth!.

Why do you then, free such forces of such magnitude without having the slightest idea on how to control it?  Only an inferior intellect can conceive such an insane procedure!  Have you at least considered the results of such phenomenons in the vasts dominions of nature, which are already generating "Atmospheric - Geological and Planetary chaos".  Also, a great number of mortals continually activate "destructive emotioanl and thought energy waves".  These disturbing vibrations travel long distances and cause permanent agitation in the ether.

Do you realise these discord being generated by millions of people has an affect on animated and non-animated forces?  Psychic thought energy has a body and form which fixates in an accumulating way on material structures, inducing in such case, disaster and chaos.

What you call diseases, do no exist in our plantes because we have eliminated the causes, but when you realease negative desires and actions in the form of energy into the visible and invisible planes, these bring obout the causes for disease, wars and other alterations.

How then, do the people responsible for this expect to escape the terror being generated and the consecuences?   I wish to clear something , us "space people", wish to serve you temporarily in whatever way we can....


A deviation from this "Fixed and Immutable laws", would be equal to a loss of sublime values that facilitate our reaching out to your Human Race.  I would like to suggest to you all; mould your lives the best you can according to the teachings from the ONE who descended to have contact with mortals by means of a physical manifestation.

We, your friends who wish to co-operate with you, at the service of the KING OF KINGS who acts from above, greet you and we say, that we will try our atmost to free if or when confronted with those who want to opress and or control you in a destructive action "GENERATED BY VIOLENCE, SUSTAINED THROUGH ECONOMIC POWER,  LIFE DESTRUCTIVE ARMS, ETHICAL, MORAL AND SPIRITUAL CORRUPTION, THAT SUPRESSES THE SUPERIOR INSTINCT OF HUMAN BEINGS".

To be able to start a series of revelations about the activities of those living on Earth today and those who will be their associates in the Astral and Celestial planes, it is necessary for you to understand that your "Cosmic Friends" posess different physical forms, just like water can manifest in different states such as vapour, snow, ice, according to natural or artificial atmospheric conditions.
The human race to which we belong, manifests in different forms and in diverse places in space, conforming a RACE with a common base and its own destiny based on different expansive and evolutive states of life!.

By past acts which will be revealed to you in time, we have intervened in your evolutive process as live beings and this is why we are inclined to help restore the order which has been lost on Earth.  When the time comes, when balance is restored, then there will be no unanswered questions or unrevelead misteries.
You are forgetting that wars unleash violently in the Astral plane, almost simultaneously to its manifestation on the Physical plane, since the people that have died, their energies continue to manifest in the Astral as it was on the Physical plane.  Knowing this will help you understand the difficulty of our task,  because of the dense Planetary vibration.

As we speak, millions of souls are trying to follow an evolutive spiritual path, but there is the possibility of these souls being  condemned and dragged to lower states which lead to misery and degradation.  Participants of a desperate conflict between light and shadow or hate and love,  where superhuman courage is needed to show an example for mankind to follow its evolutive spiritual path.

The victory will not depend on an advantage on material things nor on a superior number of destructive arms, not even on the actual intention of your scientists to investigate a way to channel Cosmic energy.  Also by a Divine act as you have never yet seen, you will reach a conclussion and help will arrive quickly that will put and end to the chaos inexorably.  This will cause people to place their faith on the only power capable of freeing them from their tragic destiny, (since this is not in the power of any of your Terrestrial leaders, to restore order on Earth).


A long and great battle was started by the dark forces, they come from the invisible and are aimed at Terrestrials and these forces although they are preceived,  they corrupt humans into malicious activities and therefore are submmited to enslaving energies.

To counteract, the hierarchy began an uninterrupted campaign in the sublte planes, directed at the dark forces and perverted morals.  In this way it was possible to transfer this battle to the "PHYSICAL, VISIBLE PLANE" where humans can more efficiently define themselves and where the results are more tangible.  Eventhough this cannot be achieved unless losing the physical body and through emotional and physical suffering.  But the victory will be  great!
Mortals must pass tests, which will sometimes bring suffering to a great number of you during the final stage of your world's transformation, and all those who persevere united and firmly in whatever situations they find themselves, will later understand the great service they performed for the Master Jesus and his legions from space.  They will have facilitated these legions from space to penetrate the nearly impenetrable density of the evolutive Planetary Ether.  "To bring final triumph together with the spiritual and intergalactic forces, friends of planet Earth".

The change already seen on the planet and its inhabitants, is eloquent, since at an ecological level, the deterioration is expanding minute by minute and in humans the distinction from the righteous to the virtuous is more evident.

We, the Elder Brothers tune our channels and contacts,  who together with the pure of heart and the just have realised of the deceitfull manifestations and are rebelling against it to dismantle its false laws.  Substituting them with true and constructive concepts!.

So our presense and transmissions have no other purpose than to come to your aid, your "Celestial Guardians" are very worried about the state of the Earth.
There are millions of us, "space people", highly equipped with natural, etheric and physical technologies , which can evaporate the intentions of the destructive forces of malevolance in an instant.

We know which are the regions on the Earth which are condemned to destruction. When the danger approaches, we send contacts in ships (flying discs), to give you an idea of how protected you are, we could tell you of numerous occasions when premeditated sabotages where prevented thanks to the vigilance of our men.

The reason why atomic destruction  in chain has not happened, is not because your knowledgable know how to control its atoms.  It is because we took enough care to help purify, though partially, your atmosphere through spheres of energy after every atomic explosion.

Our methods of communication, telepathy and visual observation, (monitoring spheres),  which includes every person on Earth, are far from your comprehention.  Our promise so many times repeated, that those who trust in God will be protected, is perfectly exact.
The fraternal love we feel for you, which moves us towards planet Earth must be considered by Humans since the purpose of our task is more than just three dimentional concepts of your time.

Honour those who by Divine Intuition Inspired can understand the significance of our mission!

Any effort from our part to aquire,  any valuables from your planet, be what that might be, would be vile to us, since a great portion of the Earth's inhabitants unfortunatelly are in a situation of shortage and destruction.  Our intention is to magnify your resources, not diminish them!
The contrast that exists between the harmonic conditions of life in our planet and stellar system and the chaos and disorder that exists in yours is extremely painfull to observe.

I must say, the inability of all, but a handfull of humans, to understand in its minimal expression the teachings of the Great Master Jesus, represents a blindness that filled our hearts with anguish, since there was a real possibility of saving the Earth from a great destruction.

We, who watch over you from our observation posts in space, lost our hopes of seeing Earth escape in its totality its sinister fate.
That is why, the perspective of all humanity suffering the same changes and sufferings seems more and more imminent, but for "the Saviour" it's different, those who beleived in Him and practised his teachings, they will be rescued.

That is why, this tenebrous world will be for the Enlightened,  despite all the effort by the dark forces to put a stop to it.  We can assure you this promise will be kept.  And we wil follow the directions of will of your Supreme Savoir Jesus of Nazareth, Christ.  Who will return to Earth in a physical and spiritual form for all to see!.

He will send his Angels with great trumpeting voices to gather the chosen from everywhere in the planet!.

This assistance will arrive visibly by way of space ships, whose pilots are your "Elder Brothers" whose service is for the Cosmic Plan for Earth.
WITH GREAT POWER AND GLORY they will show their authority on using energies unknown to mortals.  This rescue comes in misterious ways, visible and invisible.  Men and women who are carrying out the missions they were meant to on Earth, will receive everything they need to guarantee their triumph and to be able to unfold their destiny.

No one is able to measure justly the patience and marvellous indulgence with which "The Celestial Father" handles humans incredulous state.  No one is capable of measuring his generosity, eventhough some still refuse to accept his forgiveness, his mercy and his extended hand to you all.

Everything destructive happening through nature is a direct result of man's free will to follow a path that leads to nothing.  Those will not be able to exist, In The New Heaven and New Earth promised!.

In these lasts years there will be scientific and spiritual miracles, that will lead men to a revision of their concepts, about Nature, Creation and its metamorphosis.  Even then, it is inevitable  an era of purification, before a new and better system of life based on Peace, Fraternity, and Love can be established between Humans.

This act of purification will be realised in different planetary planes.  For example, the elimination of toxic residue in different parts of the Terrestril Globe, since a great sweeping carried out by our ships will be needed to clear out all traces of toxiticy and war weapons created by men.  But there will also be a great number of cases where the efforts of the "Celestial Father" will be carried out by individuals, groups or movements, of the New Age, this effert is already permitting a purifying and balancing psychic energy throughout the planet.

The effort of the"Terrestrial Eagles" makes possible our co-operation in the clearing of the auric and ecological planetary field, which will be realised in just seven hours once certain events are stopped and tetonic changes are over; at which time will return "The King of Kings".

Our sensoring equipment in and outside our ships, monitor the planet permanently all around and we find a multitude of people who are virtuous, generous and spiritualy open, we tune in to each one of them in their homes, in their buisiness, at work, at leisure, in their richness and in their poorness, in happy times and sad.  In all these occasions they approached these circumstances with balance, serenity and wholeness even in misfortune transmitting courage and strength to the weaker in spirit.

We thank God for those people!, since they are part of the multitude who are pure of body and sipirt who will inherit Earth.

Some Investigative Centres in the nucleous of powex, could consider our arrival dangerous, but please consider for an instant and think of what are the things that really make you nervous, ancious, afraid, unhappy and worried.  That is where the danger really is on Earth.  These bring the inbalance in your culture.

You realising this,  is what the power structures on Earth are really worried about.

The weather, the oceans, the air you breath, the nutrients you take, and the Earth you walk on, all these affect human relations, business dealings, governments, commerce and society in general, because the magnetic fields are charged with negativity and the energy released is negative.

The time has arrived for everything to be renewed.  At this time no effort must be made without our consent to communicate with us,  this must come as a request from us.

We will choose the occasion, the place, the people and groups, with whom we wish to have contanct.  Although, it would be of great help for us if people could emmit friendly, trusting and welcoming energies toward us.

Please remember, the contact and telepathic call comes from us, as we have said before, since we are in tune according to the light emmitted from your Core Star (sipiritual essence).

Some have elected themselves for contact, but it is up to us the decision and election as to allow for direct service according to his "Cosmic Frequency" or for maitaining a Christic terrestrial line of work in service to others.

Both types of service are important for the "Father", since one is from our election and the other is through your vocation to service, directed to unselfish interest to service and synchronized with Earth.

It is convenient if our ships could find a more favourable atmosphere for our descent,  for it would be nice to receive welcoming " energy lights" generated by the "Eagles on Earth" at our arrival and so we can take a little while as to be able to adapt to the conditions and vibrations that we will find when we accomplish our mission.

We know each one of you and know those who see our mission with simpathy and we wish to convey to you the great help this is for us, to have enlightened paths to allow us to act in the darker regions, where there is so much work yet to be done.

We are profoundly greatfull  to you for your understanding and friendship.

Fleet Commander of the Confederation


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